The Wimbledon Club is one of Surrey's premier multisports Clubs with separate sections for cricket, hockey, squash, tennis and fitness suite.

July 2021

Easing of Covid Restrictions at the Club
Heeding the Government’s guidance to act carefully and remain cautious as Covid restrictions begin to ease in England on 19 July, some precautions will continue at the club.

  • Hand sanitisers will be at all entrances and exits and key areas. Members are encouraged to continue to use them.
  • Although there will be no requirement to wear masks in the clubhouse, it may be considered good practice to wear them when it is busy and to safeguard members and staff. 
  • Members will be able to order at the bar. Counter screens may be used at busy times. 

Ways of improving indoor ventilation and installing extractor fans that will improve air quality and remove virus particles are being investigated.

Covid Vaccines

The club is a community. Every member should recognise their obligation to be vaccinated to keep themselves and others safe, unless that is, they have a medical reason. It is hoped all eligible will take the opportunity to be jabbed.

While there is no legal obligation on members or staff to be vaccinated, the following should be recognised.

  • Vaccines, as well as protecting recipients, are intended to prevent the SPREAD and the rise of VARIANTS of CONCERN
  • The probability of a vaccinated individual passing on the virus IS LESS than an unvaccinated person
  • Individuals who have contracted COVID - CAN GET IT AGAIN, especially if infected by a different variant

Please continue to enjoy the club, particularly the outdoor spaces which have been enhanced. 
Statement on Discrimination 

The officers of The Wimbledon Club strongly condemn all forms of discrimination. The racism aimed at some of the England football players on social media and elsewhere following the Euro 2020 final is appalling.  Anyone involved in such disgusting behaviour is not welcome. Discrimination has no place in sport or society at any level. The club is commitment to diversity, inclusion and equality of opportunity. Such values are enshrined in the Club Charter.

Richard Creed

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