Hockey re-direct


Hockey is now at Step 5 of our Return To Play Guidance.

With the right steps, competitive activity can resume - both training and matches – outdoor and indoor. 

Individual Consent for Participating in Hockey under Covid-19 Restrictions

Before you can train and play, all players must complete and submit the Individual Consent for Participating in Hockey under Covid-19 Restrictions form 24 hours before partaking in any hockey activity, please click on the link below to complete this. 

This form only needs to be completed ONCE - please click below to complete the form 

Individual Consent for Participating in Hockey under Covid-19 Restrictions

  1. England Hockey will hold your data for the purposes of supporting NHS Track and Trace, to support the Governance of the Sport and to ensure that the guidelines agreed with DCMS and PHE are being followed. 

  2. This data will be held up until the point where it is agreed by both the government and England Hockey that it is no longer needed for the purposes of helping to control the COVID-19 pandemic. 

  3. Further details about England Hockey's Data Privacy Notice can be found here.

  4. With a specific reference to the COVID-19 Addendum to this Notice here

  5. England Hockey will also share your data with NHS Track and Trace where appropriate.

  6. Details of this service can be found here.

QR Codes for Track & Trace 

You will see QR codes at all our hockey sites, please check is every time you attend the pitch either for training to matches.

This applies to players, coaches, umpires and spectators. You will need to check in every time you arrive at the pitch using your phone to upload the track & trace form on the Teamo QR codes posted at the pitches

  1. Scan the QR code using your camera and follow the instructions on the screen.
  2. This information will be sent through to Track & Trace on a weekly basis
  3. The data we will send will consist only of your name and the venue you visited with a date time stamp
  4. None of your personal contact information (email or phone number) will be sent to EH Track and Trace 
  5. Junior registers will be sent through to track and Trace on a weekly basis but we will request juniors / parent to check into all matches using the QR codes 



Please note there can be absolutely NO SPECTATORS at KCS for training or matches. 

Parents can remain onsite in their cars in the event they wish to remain onsite

All players will be greeted by a Covid Marshall who will direct the players and ensure they scan in and hand sanitise

Please listen to our Covid Marshalls onsite and folllow the rules to help create a safe environment for our players

Raynes Park High 

Spectating will be permitted at Raynes Park High School provided they maintain a safe 2m social distance in line with the goverment guidance.

All spectator seating at Raynes Park has been demarcated to provide a 2m social distance, please do not use the chairs which have been taped over

Covid Marshalls will be onsite at Raynes Park, please listen to them and folllow the rules to help create a safe environment for our players

Covid-19 Officer

The Covid Officers for Wimbledon Hockey Club are Jenny Walker who can be contacted on 07811109139 or and Tina Dullaghan who can be contacted on 07807064152 or 

All members of the Wimbledon Hockey Club have a responsibility for reducing the risks of Covid and they are opting in to participate in hockey activity

  1. The Covid Office will cross check the Individual Consent database with the Wimbledon Hockey members database and those not who have not completed the Individual Consent for Participating in Hockey under Covid-19 Restrictions will not be permitted to train or play until such time as they have completed the form.

  2. All participants and parents must contact the Covid Officer as soon as they experience Covid-19 symptoms.

  3. We will ask any members who become ill with Covid-19 to contact NHS Track and Trace.

  4. If a member becomes ill with Covid after playing hockey we will will notify any participants in the training group, or in the event of a match we will notify the Covid officer of the opposition team, and any match officials, as well as the Wimbledon team members and coaches.

  5. The NHS may get in contact with individuals who have been in direct contact who may need to self-isolate.

  6. If any players become sick with Covid-19 symptoms, test positive for Covid-19, or have been exposed to someone with symptoms they will need to stay home and self isolate for 14 days.

  7. Before any training or match, there will be a short briefing to remind participants of their responsibilities aligned to the England Hockey guidance. 

Returning to Hockey

Preparing to play

  1. All members must sign an England Hockey Participation Agreement before they play (this only needs to be done once), where they agree to the terms and conditions and Code of Ethics and Behaviours

  2. Self-Assessment Check – This check should be done before each hockey session and participants should declare they are symptom free and haven’t been in contact with anyone with suspected or confirmed Covid symptoms within the past 2 weeks.

  3. Payments – use an electronic booking process or pay online to the venue.

  4. Contactless payments should be made wherever possible for match fees and other purchases.

  5. Wash hands before and after activity and regularly use hand sanitiser. 

  6. The maximum group size involved in one group of close contact is 30.

  7. More than one group can use a pitch as long as social distancing is maintained between different groups.

  8. Use your own equipment – sticks, gum shields, face masks (if required), goalkeeping equipment (if appropriate) and ensure water bottles are full on arrival.

  9. If you have to provide your own ball(s) ensure they are marked with your initials.

  10. If you have to use shared equipment, disinfect before use and disinfect or leave for at least 72 hours after use.

  11. If you are doing a passing drill only touch any of the balls with your stick. Allow the owner of the balls to collect and disinfect their balls/equipment.


  1. If at all possible, you should travel on your own or in your bubble or household group.

  2. Avoid using public transport unless necessary to do so.

  3. You should try not to share a vehicle with those outside your household or social bubble.

  4. If you need to do this, try to, share the transport with the same people each time and keep to small groups of people at any one time.

  5. Open windows for ventilation and all passengers must wear face masks. 

  6. Travel side by side or behind other people, rather than facing them, where seating arrangements allow and consider seating arrangements to maximise distance between people in the vehicle.

  7. Clean your car between journeys using standard cleaning products - make sure you clean door handles and other areas that people may touch. 

  8. Arrive as close as possible to the time you need to be there.

  9. Check in with your organiser for Track and Trace purposes.

  10. Allow others to leave before you enter the pitch - if you need to wait then do so away from the pitch and clear of the gates.

  11. Follow one-way systems where they are in place.

  12. Ensure you leave the pitch before the end of your allotted time so that the space is empty for the next players.

  13. Arrive changed and ready to play. Shower at home and follow the facility rules on using indoor spaces such as hospitality or toilets.

  14. Do not congregate after playing and stay in groups of 6, following social distancing rules, when off the pitch.

  15. Avoid touching gates/fences/goals.

Playing hockey

Outside of playing

  1. Follow the latest government travel advice.

  2. Socially distance at 2m distancing in maximum sized groups of 6.

  3. Clean your hands during breaks.

  4. Follow the facility rules when accessing indoor spaces. 

During play

  1. Respect your opposition and umpires.

  2. Take Penalty Corners and free hits around the D promptly.

  3. Touch the ball with your stick/GK equipment and not your hands.

  4. Use your own protective equipment or disinfect before use (e.g. face masks).

  5. Socially distance when play stops.

  6. Avoid shouting excessively or spitting.

  7. No handshakes with other players or close contact during goal celebrations.

  8. Avoid running training exercises that involve overly repetitive close contact between players.

  9. Do not share drinks/refreshments during breaks in play.

  10. Avoid regular removal of your gum shield.

After play

  1. Equipment and facilities may should be disinfected between sessions.

  2. Only the facility operators and coaches can move goals.

  3. Good hygiene practice should continue to be followed with equipment disinfected or left for 72 hours.

Important notes

  1. Parents/guardians should ideally be limited to one non-participant with strict social distancing between spectators.

  2. If you are a junior undertaking a one to one coaching session a parent / guardian must be present at all times and follow social distancing guidelines.

  3. If you show symptoms of Covid-19 you should phone NHS Track and Trace and let your club/ organisation Covid Officer know immediately.