Hockey re-direct

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the season's training dates

The hockey season runs from Spetember to March

A full schedule of training dates, times and venues is available below 

What age group does my son/daughter belong to:

The age groups follow the school academic years which are determined by how old you are on 1st September.  

U5 = Reception,  U6 = Year 1,  U7 = Year 2,  U8 = Year 3,  U9 = Year 4,  U10 - Year 5,  U11 = Year 6,  U12 = Year 7,  U13 = Year 8,  U14 = Year 9,  U15 = Year 10,  U16 = Year 11

What does my son/daughter need in order to play Quicksticks/hockey?    

Mouthguard & shin pads are the two essentials.  A hockey stick if you have one otherwise one may be borrowed from the Club at the training sessions.  Left hand glove to protect the hand.  Appropriate sports clothing for the season - layers and waterproofs/sun cream.  Bottle of water.  Non-marking indoor trainers for Quicksticks / ordinary trainers or astro trainers for hockey.

Where can I get a mouthguard, shin pads and hockey stick?  

Any good sports shop.  Shin pads: for younger children football shin pads are fine, for older children full hockey shin pads should be worn.  

All Wimbledon Hockey kit is available from Hawkins Sport , many thanks to our sponsors STX who offer all Wimledon Hockey club members a 10% discount.  Use this link to access the STX UK site and get your discount today:

What size stick should I buy?

A stick ideally comes to the hip so it depends upon the height of the individual - see below for details.