General Committee

The Management of the Club is in the hands of the General Committee who have full powers.  The new General Committee was elected at the AGM on Monday 4th March 2019.

The Club is an unincorporated entity run by its members for its members.  Its governance is encapsulated in its Rules.  The Club is governed by the General Committee which is the corporate equivalent of the Board of Directors.  As this committee meets six times a year the day-to-day running of the Club is in the hands of the management committee. Four trustees provide a high level advisory role and all the non-working capital assets of the Club are vested in them.  

CHAIRMAN - Richard Creed

I joined the Club in 1974, initially playing hockey and rose through the teams to Captain the first eleven. I still occasionally trundle out but mainly on tour.

I played cricket for the club for about 10 years from 1976 playing in all three teams as there were then.

After many lessons from Lesley Charles, our tennis coach, I successfully played my way into the tennis section without the need to bribe committee members and enjoyed the mens and mixed doubles competition without great success.

I also played in the squash leagues which were a great way to meet other members.

I have served on many committees and was Hon Treasurer between 1987 to 1995 and Chairman from 1996 to 2005. I was honoured to be made a Vice President in 2007.  Apart from allowing me to enjoy my sports at various levels of competency, the Club has been a source of long lasting and close friendships.


I have been a member of The Wimbledon Club Hockey section since 1969, enjoying my time both on and off the pitch, playing for the first XI, as well as captaining and coaching teams. I have recently taken an active role within the club management as Honorary Secretary and sit on the Management and General Committees. I am passionate about the club and support the hockey teams most weekends. We are hugely fortunate to have such wonderful facilities and I am looking forward being involved in helping the club grow and go from strength to strength. I take a keen interest in drama, music and singing and have been known to take to the stage on a number of occasions.

TREASURER - Tony Hawksley

I became a member of the Club in 1972, primarily to play hockey, when I first came to live in London. I joined the squash and tennis sections shortly thereafter and became a life member in 1974. Since then the Club has been a source of lifelong friendships and has and continues to provide much sporting and social pleasure.

I am a Chartered Accountant and since leaving the profession have been an investment banker, a Pizza Express franchisee and latterly until 2011 the bursar of King's College School, Wimbledon. I currently work part time for a prep school in South Kensington. I am proud to have been elected Honorary Treasurer in February 2017 and will do my best (with the in-house financial team) to provide effective stewardship of the Club's finances.


I started working at TWC as the Club Director in February 2013, having spent the previous 2 years working for London 2012 delivering the Olympic Tennis and Paralympic Wheelchair Tennis events.

I played professional tennis for 10 years and was ranked number 1 in Great Britain in the 1990’s.

I really enjoy the friendly & relaxed atmosphere at the club and meeting so many interesting members from across all the sections. I live locally and support the club teams in matches whenever I can. I am always happy to receive feedback, comments and suggestions about the club from members. I am continually striving to make this already great club even better!

If you would like to contact me my email address is

Cricket Secretary - Crispin Lyden-Cowan

Crispin Lyden-Cowan - Honourary Secretary

I have been a member of TWC since 1983, playing Squash and Cricket. Whilst I envy our Premier 1st XI players skills and fitness, the thrill of crossing the boundary as a player or umpire remains as exciting today as it has ever been.

My ambition for Cricket is to help get our youngsters engaged and passionate about our great sport, and involved in our great club. I am also keen to help retain our reputation as one of the top Cricket clubs in England.


Cricket Representative - David Wills

Picture of David Wills

I have been a member of TWC since the spring of 2007 when I joined the cricket section, having moved to London after finishing university the previous summer. After 8 seasons playing third team cricket (winning the league on 7 occasions during a hugely successful period for the club across all teams) I was promoted to the second team and subsequently took over the 2nd XI captaincy in 2016. Having definitely reached the limits of my own cricketing potential, it is great to see so many of the clubs young players coming through and I am sure many will go on to bigger things in the future!

TWC has always been a very welcoming place and is rightly the envy of all visiting teams. It embraces young and old alike – many retired players regularly turn out to support the next generation and the youth programmes are seeing ever more junior players breaking into senior teams. As an amateur sportsman you could not wish for more from a sports club and it is a great privilege to play my small part in it.

Hockey Chairman - Ben Rea

Picture of Ben Rea

Ben Rea is a loyal and dedicated member of Wimbledon Hockey Club who played for the 1st XI for many years. Ben has held roles as a secretary, chairman and vice president of the club later becoming involved in the running of the multisport Wimbledon Club.

Ben joined Wimbledon HC in 1952. Played 1st Xl 1957-67. Hon Sec 1960-80, VP 1980, President 2009-2014, Chairman 2014- Hon Sec The Wimbledon Club 1969 -74. VP 1979, President 1990-1995, Trustee 1997-.

Hockey President - Annie Breslin

Annie started playing hockey aged 9. Joined WLHC in 1990 and is still playing (and frequenting the bar). Also known as ‘Bres’, she is a midfielder with a keen eye for the ball and not afraid to go in for a tackle.

Hockey Section Roles: President 2010 – Current, 2a’s & 3’s capt (between 1993 and 2011), Junior Hockey Coach (between 1990 and 1997), Manager for Junior Girls U10/11 (Current)

Squash Honorary Secretary - Jan Comer

Jan is a highly active squash member with ambitions of becoming equally active on the tennis courts. She plays in squash's ladies' first team, the leagues and has a number of Club squash champs trophies - mostly displaying the words 'runner up'. Marketing and communications skills led her to produce the Club's newsletter, the annual report and accounts, the new logos, a squash website, the first email broadcasts and numerous social media posts for squash. Major innovations she's helped to bring include the introduction of the Mycourts booking and the role of squash director.

Instead of putting her feet up she usually prefers them in sports shoes - squash, tennis, golf, skiing, running and cycling.

Jan and husband Mike Bishop live in Wimbledon Village.

Squash Chairman - Tom Goulden

Originally from Liverpool I moved down to London in 2009 and joined TWC as a squash member. I have played squash since the age of 8, immediately becoming addicted to its’ fast pace nature and physical demands. I played county and team squash through my teens which further grew my love for the game. TWC played an important part in me settling in London quickly as I soon met some great people who are now close friends. I enjoy the great standard of sport that is available for members to watch at the club across the different sections and of course enjoy a drink on the famous balcony on a summers evening.

I am always available to receive comments on how we can continue to move our squash section forward to ensure it remains as one of the top sections in London.

My contact details are -

Tennis Representative - Nicholas Lewis

Picture of Nick Lewis

As an avid sports fan I joined TWC in 2015 as a tennis and squash member, in addition, I regularly play hockey (albeit for another club in Surrey) and the occasional Twenty20 or testimonial cricket match. I also have a Post-Graduate Certificate in Sports Law and therefore feel I have a very good understanding of the demands of each section and the desire of their members. Recently, I have been part of the Tennis Discussion Group and now I enjoy the responsibility of developing the tennis section having been elected at the last tennis AGM and subsequently elected as Honorary Secretary for the Tennis section.

In 2018, TWC had another incredibly sucessful year across all the sections and I am keen to work with the other sports representatives and the General Committee to build upon these successes to add to the enjoyment that so many of us experience. 

Tennis Chairman - Pascal Joncour

Picture of Pascal Joncour

(Details to follow)

Independant Elected Member - Richard Creed

Richard Creed (also Chairman)

Independant Elected Member - Jeremy Burnell

Picture of Jeremy Burnell

I joined the Wimbledon Club in 2001, playing social squash. My first evening at a club night, I managed a pitiful 30 minutes squash before deciding that the bar was a more sensible place to be!. It’s taken a few years, but my fitness has improved massively; my squash I still enjoy at an social level and play weekly; especially Doubles where I only have to do half the work! I’m regularly found socialising in the bar; or supporting our squash teams playing their matches!

Totally passionate about our club; About where we should be going; looking for improvements; throwing ideas around; think it’s great that all sections are excelling. Willing to listen to the ideas and opinions of others; and offer input.

Personally, having run my own printing company for nearly 30 years, I have a huge amount of experience within a management role; and wish to share what I know to helping the Wimbledon Club move forward for the benefit of all its members.

Directors of Sport

Each sport has a Director who, in conjuncation with their section Committee, sets the agenda for their sport.

Cricket - Jonathan Speller

Jonathan joins the Club from February 2018.  Having played for both our 2nd and 1st XI during 2006-2009 he has a long career in cricket, including teaching locally and most recently as Director of Cricket at Spencer CC.

Jonathan may be contacted via his email address:

Hockey - Simon Organ

Simon Organ

Having recently relocated to the UK after a 14 year period coaching and playing at the highest level in South Africa, Belgium and Holland.

Simon has been head coach and assistant coach to men and women in the top leagues of Belgium, the Dutch Hoofdklasse and Dutch Overgangsklasse which has given him world class technical and tactical experience.

As well as the ability to work with players with high individual demands and expectations; these leagues are largely made up of professional and international players, so you have to have strong interpersonal skills as well as a thorough knowledge of the game to be successful.

Aside from his role as a top coach in The Netherlands, Simon has also previously overseen a Hockey section as a Technical Director at HC Klein Zwitserland, responsible for the hockey education plan for the youth (6 year olds to 18).

Simon may be contacted via his email address:

Squash - Stacey Ross

I first came to TWC as a professional player for the first team when I was travelling and playing the PSA Pro Tour over 10 years ago, reaching a highest world ranking of 39 . My playing career turned to one of coaching and has more recently evolved into assisting the committee in the development of the section and managing both the senior and junior programmes. The progression has required learning new skills, keeping me challenged and ensuring my daily tasks remain varied and fresh. The targets to which we aspire often originate from the needs and requirements of the members. Regular feedback from those who use the club the most is vital in helping the section deliver what’s needed and making sure we get it right. So should you see me on your travels around the club please do not hesitate to let me know your thoughts on how we can further improve our offering or e mail me at

Tennis - Simon Ainley

I joined TWC in January 2017. Previous roles include running an LTA High Performance Centre, working for the LTA National Training department and being responsible for player development pathway as Welsh National Coach.

I also train coaches as an LTA tutor, most recently on a Level 5 Masters Course.

I can be contacted by email on or happy to have a chat if you see me around the club.