Ladies 1a’s

End of Season Report

The Wimbledon Ladies 1a's have had a trying season with a very inconsistent team week to week due to injuries and holidays affecting our selection however when all is said and done, the Wimbo 1as managed to maintain a respectable (and hard fought) mid-table place.

We have a number of members of the team who started with us as juniors and who have grown into fully fledged members of the squad (we have all shed a tear to how fast they grow up!... SOB!).  There are a couple of members of the team who are leaving us for the big wide world of university, some who are leaving for pastures new, and some who are simply taking a hockey hiatus next season in order for their hearing to regenerate after too much time surrounded by excitable, squealing juniors!

There have been a number of highlights this season amongst the annoying defeats and bleep tests; Story-time with Felly, the high quality of baked products (generally speaking!), the new skills learned, the times where we’ve dug deep together as a team, the extraordinary side line support (dogs and all!), The Dog & Fox night (… need we say more), and most importantly the friendships which we have formed.

Special mention must go to: Tina who has steered the sometimes wobbly ship well this year and who against all odds managed to stay out of trouble, for most of the season... ; self-sacrificing coaches who readily offer up their hamstrings for injury during overly enthusiastic demonstrations who are hard to come by, and even harder to come by are coaches and captains who will house the stinky goalie kit in their home!

The season may not have turned out as we’d necessarily hoped league position-wise but we’ve certainly ended up a stronger, closer team and the laughs alone have made up for all of the rest.

Thank you to all of the players who have made this season so enjoyable.  To those of you who won’t be with us next season, we wish you well. Please stay in touch and come back to WHC one day!

Ladies 1As Match Reports

  • Maidenhead - 1 October 2016

    Wimbledon 0   Maidenhead  0

    Date:  1 October 2016

    According to the Apple weather app, it was due to rain in Maidenhead last Saturday. Thankfully, although some of us were very prepared for the … more

  • Surbiton - 17 September 2016

    Wimbledon 2  Surbiton 2

    Date: 17 September 2016

    The game against Surbiton 2s was an exciting start to the new season. A 2-2 draw saw us get our first point of the season.

    Having been promoted from … more