Box Leagues

At The Wimbledon Club we run internal box leagues in a variety of formats to give members the chance to meet others of a similar level in a more competitive environment. Please see an overview of each league format that we run below. Members can see the full rules by logging on to their mycourts page and clicking on the appropriate league tab on the box leagues page.

Mixed Singles league

The mixed singles leagues are for full members only and consist of a mixture of both female and male members. There are 5 runs throughout each box leagues season which runs from September to July. At the start of each season members are placed into boxes of 5 or 6 players according to their level and, at the end of each run, 2 players will be promoted to the league and 2 players will be demoted to the league below. The singles box leagues typically attract 90 entries so there is a box for the level of all players and the large number of entrants means that there is always somebody new to play.


We are now trialling three doubles leagues.  Due to the relatively low number of entries and fairly large disparity in level from top to bottom, the promotion and demotion of teams will also take into account the level of the new league that will be created. 

Men's Doubles Leagues

The men's doubles box leagues are for full members only and currently have 4 leagues of 5 or 6 teams in each league.  

Ladies Doubles Leagues

The ladies doubles box leagues are for full members only and currently have 2 leagues of 4 or 5 teams in each league. 


Mixed Doubles Leagues

The mixed doubles leagues are for full members only and currently have 3 leagues consisting of 6 or 7 teams in each league. 


The key to any league being enjoyable is that the standard of the competition is appropriate to the level of the players who are competing. In order to make the leagues work we will always begin by grouping members together who are of a similar level which is why some leagues have more players/teams in than others. The more entrants a league can get the better the experience that will be had by all entrants. We would love to increase the number of entries in all of our league formats so that a wider variety of standards can be accommodated and it will give the current entrants a wider variety of matches and opponents to play against.


If you are interested in entering any of the box league formats please email Michaela Knespl on